Is a stress fracture of the lumbar spine. This injury occurs in about 12% of the general population, and usually affects the 5th lumbar vertebrae. Spondylosis is a common cause of low back pain experienced in late childhood and early adolescence. Active teenagers involved in sports that require lifting heavy work loads, repeated bending of the spine, and twisting of the trunk are most at risk.


Is the forward slippage of a vertebrae over the vertebrae beneath it. Because the mechanism of injury, age related factors, and symptoms are very similar, these terms are often described together.

Signs and symptms:

  • Low back pain with or without leg pain
  • Muscle spasms in your low back, buttock, and thighs
  • Difficulty or pain with walking or prolonged standing
  • Symptoms that are relieved by sitting, slouching, or bending forward.
  • Pain with sports or manual labor
  • Pain with bending backwards, twisting, or throwing
  • Decreased flexibility of the leg muscles

How can a Physical Therapist help?

  • Education and instruction on joint safety and modifying activity to avoid painful movement patterns
  • Help you reduce and manage pain and symptoms
  • Educate you on proper flexibility and core strengthening exercises to improve joint stability and muscle health
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