Three Rivers Hospital Laboratory

Three Rivers Hospital Laboratory offers extensive testing to assist healthcare providers in diagnosis and management of patient conditions. Our comprehensive test menu offers testing that covers all areas of health conditions. Most testing ordered by your healthcare provider is performed in our laboratory, often with a same day turnaround time. We also have a close relationship with a national reference laboratory for specialty testing not performed at our facility. Due to the extent of our in-house test menu and the relationship with our reference laboratory we can offer friendly, hometown service, eliminating the need for travel to obtain testing. All we require is a test requisition from your provider to perform the testing.

Three Rivers Hospital Laboratory is licensed by the State of Tennessee, CLIA and certified by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). These licensures are maintained by a process that includes unannounced inspections, as well as being graded on our responses to unknown samples from the American Proficiency Institute (API). We have been noted as exceptional by inspectors from the State of Tennessee and the College of American Pathologists.


Laboratory Testing and Results

Laboratory testing can be performed at the request of a licensed independent practitioner, i.e. physician, nurse practitioner, dentist, etc. After the testing is performed, the results are sent electronically or via fax to your provider as soon as the results are final. Any questions regarding the test results can be addressed with the ordering provider. This communication between the patient and ordering provider allows the provider to explain any test results and whether they are considered 'normal' as the result relates to your condition or any pertinent medical history. We also offer a patient portal that provides patients with direct access to test results. Results can also be faxed to your provider as soon as results are final.

Three Rivers Hospital Laboratory is staffed with a highly qualified team of laboratory professionals that includes Phlebotomists, Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) and Medical Technologists (MTs) 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. This allows us to perform testing on patients without delay.

Many institutions require “call back” personnel in the off hours.

Outpatient testing is normally performed within the hours of 6AM to 6PM. This allows time to complete the testing and communicate any life threatening values to your healthcare provider before their practice closes.

If our laboratory can assist you in any way feel free to contact us at 931-296-4203.


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