What is an ACL tear?

An anterior cruciate ligament tear is a common knee injury usually affecting athletes. It is typically injured with sudden stops when running, twisting the knee while your foot is planted on the ground, jumping and landing on an extended knee, or direct trauma to the knee. Women are 4-6 times more likely than men to experience an ACL tear. Most people who sustain an ACL tear will undergo surgery to repair it.

What are the symptoms assocaited with an ACL tear?

  • A sharp pain in the front of your knee.
  • A "pop" or snapping sound heard in the knee.
  • Weakness in the knee with diffiuclty weight bearing on your leg.
  • Swelling along the knee joint.

How can a Physical Therapsit help?

  • Instruction on proper weight bearing techniques and use of assistive devices.
  • Education on the use of ice and compression to manage your symptoms.
  • Strengthening exercises to regain the support of your knee joint.
  • Flexibility exercises to improve muscle health.
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